My life to date has been an intriguing and at times a somewhat challenging journey, much of which I wish I had understood at the time as I do now. But that is life and if we perceived the purpose of each piece of the jigsaw before being placed – we wouldn’t need to be experiencing this physical plane.

I have waited many years to see my jigsaw truly emerging as a complete picture.

Of the youngest years of childhood that I can recall, is the overwhelming memory of my sensitivity to people’s pain, suffering and frequently discordant relationships with each other. I knew that if I touched them I could make them feel better, but my healing gift that developed further over the years was only the platform to reach my true purpose.

It is now through my writing and talks that I humbly share with others some of the simplest and yet most profound wisdom unveiled to me on my own journey.

For further information on Talks and Seminars please email: reflectionsbeyondthought@yahoo.com

I would welcome your comments, suggestions and questions. Please contact me at the same address.

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