Enjoying my weekly sing with our wonderful ‘up beat’ ladies choir, I posed a question to one of its members – the response to which has prompted this month’s blog.
With the common goal of making a good sound and just enjoying ourselves, this group of individuals – diverse in age and occupation, shares a camaraderie that can be felt as soon as you enter the room. A break for a coffee is a time to get to know people better and a time when I asked a younger member if she was also a teacher, as several others around us. “Oh no – I’m just a mother,” she said, almost apologetically. It was not the first time I have heard this response from a women who was staying at home to nurture her offspring. Although this mother was quick to show off her delightful children, as she proudly searched her cell phone for their pictures, I couldn’t help thinking that she somehow needed my approval to do so.
What has society done to make women feel they are almost insignificant citizens when they choose the most challenging, tiring but fulfilling and natural roles – to be a full time mother to their offspring? Isn’t it time that we cherished the people who, as teachers in their own right – determine the society of tomorrow?

With Love,


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