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Having faced the unfriendly elements to walk my (very unwilling) dog, I was pleased to have her approval to retreat home for a cup of tea. This event however, was slow to materialize when I realized the kettle was reluctant to boil. Half an hour later I was lighting candles and just waking up to the fact that there was no heating and I was getting cold. So many folk have been in this situation in the UK – many, wading in water with no electricity for weeks; many yearning to feel warm, safe and dry again.
As I watch the ever changing scenes, the unbelievable devastation of the surrounding country and the despair of distraught house owners; shopkeepers and farmers, brings tears to my eyes. But then I hear something that reminds me what being a spiritual being in a human body is about. A young man, filmed helping his neighbours, responded to the reporters enquiry – “When things get bad everyone comes together!”
When we share common tragedy, joy or sadness we receive with our hearts and we speak with our hearts. We experience for a while at least – that which we are, in its purest form – within the unity of all.
With Love

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