Reflections – Beyond Thought

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Over the years in my various roles as nurse, teacher, councillor and spiritual healer, I’ve had the great honour to meet and help many people. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that you have been instrumental in helping to relieve another’s pain and suffering, but to be invited to share even the smallest part of another’s spiritual journey – is indeed, an honour and something that has enriched my own journey.

It is a spiritual journey that mankind is on, each and every one of us. But strangely, we rarely recognize that truth as life tests us repeatedly – with what we first perceive to be ‘the great injustices’ of life. It is only when we are hanging on with our fingernails whilst we dangle over the precipice below that we come face to face with our truth – the very nature of our own being and the very nature of our own suffering.

How very sad it is that so many of us resist the most precious lesson that life can offer us – until it is almost too late. Wouldn’t it be better if we could wake up earlier in the day of our life and have the rest of it to enjoy the splendours that it has to offer? When we awaken, our children will know that it’s time to open their eyes too and they will follow us as we walk out into the sunshine. We cannot escape the ebb and flow that is life but both its ebb and its flow cradles the wisdom that makes our journey a beautiful and worthwhile endeavour.

In my book  “ Reflections – Beyond Thought” I share with you some of my journey in the hopes that it will inspire and bring hope when you are trying to make sense of your own or indeed, seeking new avenues to explore.  I hope that you will read and enjoy it. This is the first post of this blog and I look forward to you joining me again when I share new thoughts and new reflections every month.

To all those on the road to self-discovery,



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“Reflections – Beyond Thought” – published by  O-Books  (a John Hunt Publishing Imprint )

Available from; ; Foyles Book Shops and all good book shops.

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